AZ Networks

About Us

AZ Networks

AZ Networks, founded in 2000, specialises in the supply and installation of structured technological infrastructure solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer customers a well-designed and installed solution as well as a continued business relationship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the solution partner of choice for leading service providers, government agencies and major businesses by assisting with the design, installation and maintenance of their communication networks.

AZ Networks has the highest accreditation’s with all the major product suppliers in providing structured, certified cabling solutions. We invest in ongoing staff training, pre-manufacturing (cable looms, terminations etc) and the latest test equipment, to ensure that we deliver on time and comply with international standards.

How we succeed

AZ Networks that has the flexibility and ability to offer its customers well-designed solutions, product and service with an assured focus on establishing long term valuable business relationships that are nurtured and sustained.