AZ Networks


Westcon Supplier Event

The Westcon Supplier Event, an annual highlight for industry insiders, recently unfolded in a setting that was nothing short of spectacular. Nestled within the scenic beauty of Hartbeespoort, the event took place at the Aerial Cableway, offering attendees not only a chance to engage in meaningful networking but also to enjoy the breathtaking views and unique ambiance provided by this location.
The event stood as a testament to the vibrant community and the spirit of innovation that defines the sector, drawing suppliers from various niches within the industry.
This year's gathering was particularly special for a multitude of reasons. It served as a platform for suppliers to come together, share insights, and discuss the future of technology and collaboration.
The event was meticulously organized to ensure that it was not only a meeting place but also a celebration of the achievements and strides made within the industry.
Among the highlights were the awards, a recognition of excellence and hard work that many look forward to with anticipation.

The awards ceremony was a focal point of the event, spotlighting companies and individuals who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the industry. This year, AZ Networks stood out from their peers, earning the prestigious Ruckus Top Performing Partner Award. This accolade is not just a recognition of sales success; it’s a testament to AZ Networks’ commitment to innovation, customer service, and the ability to leverage Ruckus solutions to meet complex client needs effectively.

AZ Networks’ achievement in receiving this award underscores their position as a leader within the technological field, demonstrating their dedication to excellence and the strong partnership they have built with Ruckus. It highlights the company’s adeptness in navigating the challenges of the market, their technical expertise, and their unwavering commitment to providing top-tier solutions to their clients.

The Westcon Supplier Event, with its mix of networking opportunities, scenic location, and a ceremony recognizing the hard work and achievements of its participants, continues to be an essential date in the industry calendar. It not only fosters professional relationships and collaboration but also inspires participants to strive for excellence. The success of this year’s event, marked by AZ Networks’ noteworthy achievement, sets a high bar and anticipates an even more exciting and impactful gathering in the years to come.